Stroh Gold — Museum der Kulturen, Basel

Concept for a catalogue of the exhibition ‘Stroh Gold’ in the Museum der Kulturen Basel. Co-designed with Laura Tobler and Catherine Waibel. The catalogue exists of two parts; editorial and visuals. Both issues are wrapped up in a printed transparant cover that is closed with golden threat.

First part of the catalogue is an editorial on the exhibition and the visuals. It also contains a register of the objects and movies shown in the exhibition.

Second part of the catalogue are double sided prints that are compilations of artifacts of the exhibition. These prints can be used as wrapping paper or individual posters. The exhibition is about creative re-use of materials in different cultures and these posters reflect the same concept.

Project at the FHNW, Art Direction,
teacher Marion Fink.


29.7 x 42 cm

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